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My journey in animal behaviour begun when I was taking photos for a calendar for the local animal shelter. On the first day they brought some puppies along for a potential cover shot and one of the more timid puppies decided that she wanted to lie on my feet. This didn't work out too well as I needed to be able to move around, but every time they took her away she would cry to come back. 

I immediately fell in love with her and decided that I would "foster" her. This didn't happen and within 5 days the adoption papers were signed. I named her Kunto meaning "third child" as she was our third furchild at the time * pictured to the left. 

Now I had great plans for the two of us.... Dog sports, taking her everywhere and even wanting her to become a therapy dog. Unfortunately these dreams didn't become a reality and soon afterwards I realised I had adopted a dog with serious behavioural problems. I eventually got a behaviourist who has since become a close friend and fellow colleague to come and see us and there our journey began and my interest for training and behaviour in animals. I soon started assisting the behaviourist in her group

training classes and went on to study animal behaviour and as one would say the rest is history. Kunto helped pave the way and while things were very challenging with her I would do it all over again.

       DipCABT (NOCN UK)

       CAPBT Practitioner member (COAPE association of pet behaviourists and trainers)

       ICAN member (International companion animal network)

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