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Behavioural Consultations

Consultations are for pets who have various behavioural problems that cannot be dealt with through normal home or group training classes. 

Examples of some problems you may be experiencing with your pet:

# Destructive behaviour e.g. chewing furniture, digging

# Bite inhibition 

# General unruliness within your home

# Urinating on furniture

# Separation distress e.g. non stop barking or howling, destruction of furniture

                                             when left at home alone.

# Reactivity e.g. towards other dogs 

# Fear related problems e.g. traveling in car

# Assisting owners in integrating newly adopted dogs within the home.

# Assisting owners with various questions about integrating new dogs into their 

   home if they have not had prior experience about raising or caring for a dog. 

Dogs and cats:

# Integrating dogs and cats within the home. 

# Integrating cats within the home. 

The consultations will take place in your home so that I can see how the dog is in it's own environment and will take approximately 2 hours. I will be taking your dogs full history and his general daily routines as well as the family members routine. We will discuss in depth about your concerns about your pet problems. After the consultation I will be sending you a detailed behaviour modification report for you to work on with your pet. 

Areas covered: Scarborough - Constantia

# Please note that there is generally no quick solution to behavioural problems and a lot of a time and management will be needed along with patience. 

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